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Shipping & Distribution

Shipping & Distribution

Our distribution services complements our Kitting & Warehousing services nicely. Benefit from our lower shipping costs and lower production times, and use the savings to pass on to your audience or to get faster shipping at the same price you are paying today.

Service Overview

As companies and organizations grow their unique locations, shipping and distribution logistics become integral to the growth infrastructure. It is important to ensure that your company or organization has the proper materials delivered to the right people by your deadline.

Save on Shipping

Outsourcing the shipping and distribution to MGX Copy allows for cost savings. Managing shipments in-house requires maintaining and providing the space for packaging supplies, as well as preserving quality control standards for shipments. Time and labor is spent packaging materials as well as delivering the packaged materials to a shipment center or expensing on pickup services. These costs can be minimized with our shipping and distribution service.

Through the high volume of shipments that MGX Copy processes, MGX Copy is able to offer competitive shipping rates for your company or organization. Outsourcing your shipping to MGX Copy promotes cost reduction as well as increased organizational efficiencies.

Similar Services

Our shipping and distribution service is commonly combined with our warehousing and kitting service. This combination of services allows your company or organization to reduce the amount of inventory on hand, as well as markedly reduce the amount of labor required to fulfill orders.

Contact Us

Since fulfillment services are tailored to your specific business needs, we provide you with a dedicated account executive when you begin engaging our fulfillment department.

Get More Information

If this service sounds like it will benefit your business, and you want to find out more information, feel free to contact a service representative. He/she will answer any questions you might have, and elaborate on any points you want to clarify.

Our service representative will also inquire more about your business, and discuss a few ideas and options with you to figure out how exactly you and your business will engage our services.

Set Up An Account

Once you have talked with a sales representatives and you have the confidence in MGX Copy's ability to improve your business through our fulfillment services, we will assign you your own account executive who will handle all your needs.

How You Will Interact With Our Services

Interacting with your fulfillment services is a very personal experience here at MGX Copy. You will have your own file with instructions on how to carry out your orders. We will store information such as special billing instructions you require, instructions for assembling your order, preferred turnaround times, and more.

Contact Us

Call us at 1-877-649-5463 or email us to make your life easier today.