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Kitting & Warehousing

Kitting & Warehousing

Outsource the kitting of your media products and your marketing packages to MGX Copy so that you can focus your energy on making and selling better products. You may be surprised at the time and money you can save by letting us handle your production.

Service Overview

Warehousing and kitting is an efficient service that allows you to keep your materials in our facility so that we can sort, assemble, and package your “kits” together for shipping.

Warehousing: Reduce Your Costs

Many small businesses rent out storage areas at prices as high as $2 a square foot simply to store their business materials. With MGX Copy’s warehousing offerings, storage of your materials can be had for much less. In addition, there are generally many costs that are overlooked when comparing self warehousing to MGX Copy warehousing, such as insurance, transportation, and not least of which is time to handle orders.

Kitting: Cut Your Labor Time

Our kitting services can be set up so that we can assemble your kits together for shipping. This is great for companies or organizations that have different types of orders that need to be shipped to different locations. Again, this work is outsourced, leading to higher efficiencies and potentially lower costs.

Our service is customizable, with custom boxes, custom products, custom shipping instructions, etc. We understand that a certain amount of personalization is needed when dealing with different customers.

Simplify Your Operations

Warehousing and kitting with MGX Copy also allows you to not have to deal with creating inventory systems. You will know after each shipment how much stock you still have remaining, which will allow you to respond and plan accordingly.

Similar Services

Our warehousing and kitting service is commonly paired with our shipping and distribution service.

Contact Us

Since fulfillment services are tailored to your specific business needs, we provide you with a dedicated account executive when you begin engaging our fulfillment department.

Get More Information

If this service sounds like it will benefit your business, and you want to find out more information, feel free to contact a service representative. He/she will answer any questions you might have, and elaborate on any points you want to clarify.

Our service representative will also inquire more about your business, and discuss a few ideas and options with you to figure out how exactly you and your business will engage our services.

Set Up An Account

Once you have talked with a sales representatives and you have the confidence in MGX Copy's ability to improve your business through our fulfillment services, we will assign you your own account executive who will handle all your needs.

How You Will Interact With Our Services

Interacting with your fulfillment services is a very personal experience here at MGX Copy. You will have your own file with instructions on how to carry out your orders. We will store information such as special billing instructions you require, instructions for assembling your order, preferred turnaround times, and more.

Contact Us

Call us at 1-877-649-5463 or email us to make your life easier today.