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Custom Projects

Custom & Integrated Solutions

Take advantage of a consultation from the Sales Department as a unique resource to expand your business. Our representatives are experienced in a wide variety of fulfillment & communication services beyond what is available online. Outsource your communication & distribution work so you can spend more time concentrating on the core elements of your business.

Finding the right solutions

Printed communications and product distribution is a common business need, and every business has different needs. In our experience, businesses often attempt to solve their production needs in-house. While this is a good strategy in developing a new process, it quickly scales to be unmanageable and a headache.

MGX Copy has a flexible customer service and production infrastructure that we would like to leverage to help your business grow. We also have the wisdom from experience and the relationships to quickly improve your process.

Phone consultation free of charge

All it takes is a quick phone consultation with one of our Sales Representatives to access all our physical and intellectual resources. Our representative will collaborate with you to advise and tailor solutions to effectively provide solutions to your business needs.

Our sales representatives are equipped with a wide variety of services beyond what we offer online, and are educated on a variety of business cases.

Contact Sales

To speak with a member of Sales, call in to 1-877-679-5463, or email us.

Solutions Listing

The list below describes some of the additional services available to you and your business.

  • Document processing and data cleaning for mailing lists.
  • Consultation for marketing strategies.
  • Kitting and warehousing for packages and products for distribution.
  • On-demand production & distribution for books, documents, and marketing collateral
  • Negotiated production and shipping rates based on order volume.
  • Saved order details & files for expedient ordering and production
  • Call us to find out more: 1-877-679-5463.