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Postcard Printing in San Diego

Postcards are a highly popular marketing tool that delivers a high read-through rate at an affordable price. Tactile and handy, they can be easily and widely distributed to your target audience both directly and through the mail.

About Postcard Printing in San Diego

Customers looking for postcard printing in San Diego should look no further than MGX Copy! You can order high-quality postcard printing at wholesale prices from our print facility in San Diego.

When you order from MGX Copy, you are ordering from a printing company that provides online postcard printing services all the country. We are able to print and ship across the United States because postcard printing customers trust MGX Copy to deliver the best prices, the highest print quality, and the quickest turnarounds to our customers.

By choosing MGX Copy for your postcard printing in San Diego, you get one of the best postcard printing customer service experiences in the country. Whether you are a novice to postcard printing or a veteran, our customer service representatives will help you get you the postcards that you need, quickly and cost-effectively.

Why order postcard printing in San Diego from MGX Copy

MGX Copy operates a national online print-and-ship operation for postcard printing. Local customers who need postcard printing in San Diego gain access to all the perks of ordering from a wholesale postcard printing company as well as the perks of ordering from a local printing company.

There are no minimum quantities when you order postcard printing in San Diego from MGX Copy. Whether you need a small run of postcard prints, or a large one, we will help you produce your order. This allows us to take postcard orders—both big and small—from across the country and aggregate them in our centralized printing facilities.

One of the reasons why MGX Copy has some of the best prices on postcard printing in San Diego is because we run our printing facility as a wholesale printing company. When you order postcard printing from MGX Copy, you are getting excellent wholesale prices on your orders. By aggregating postcard print projects from all across the country, we are buy supplies and produce postcards in bulk. Then, we pass on the savings to our customers.

Customers looking for postcard printing in San Diego have the added benefit of being able to pick up their prints at our San Diego facility. This allows you to save both time and money on the shipping of your order.

Design Questions

  • What do I need to know before I design my project?

    The design issues that we encounter most frequently are: problems with full bleed design, files are the wrong size for the product, and files whose quality is too low.

    For a more comprehensive listing of the major design issues, please visit the File Checklist in the FAQ.

  • What is full bleed?

    If your document does not have an 1/8” white margin around all four edges , then your document needs to be printed with full bleed. The reason why full bleed does not come standard with all copies is because it requires extra labor. All printers need to leave a white margin at the edges.

    Full bleed documents need to be formatted properly. If your document matches this description above, please click here to find out more information on how design your file for full bleeds.

  • What file format should I use for my documents?

    We print using PDF’s, and prefer flattened PDF’s using the CMYK color space.

    We can also accept other image types (JPEG’s, PNG’s, GIF’s, TIFF’s), Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Powerpoint presentations, Adobe Photoshop files, and Adobe InDesign files.

Design Specifications

  • File Format: .PDF (Preferred), .DOC, .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .TIFF, .AI, .PSD, .PUB, .PPT.
  • Resolution: 300 DPI.
  • Color Space: We prefer CMYK (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/blacK). If you use RGB, the colors on the print may turn out, in some cases, different than what you're expecting. Learn more >
  • Dimensions: Postcards files should be 4.25'x6.25', unless the file has a white background or white margins on all edges at least 1/8' wide.
  • Fonts: Please flatten your documents before sending your file. If you use a special font which our system can not recognize, the document will replace your font with another font in our system.
  • Full Bleed: For full bleed prints, we need an extra 1/8' on all four edges—we will cut that off. We recommend that text not placed near any edge. In fact, we recommend leaving an additional margin beyond what we will cut off. Learn more >

6'x4' Postcards with Full Bleed

  • JPG — Template for generic image editors
  • PSD — Template for Adobe Photoshop

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Information for your first order

  1. Next step - upload. Before submitting the order, you will need to send us the files to be printed. If you lose track of the upload page, you can find it in your shopping cart.
  2. Full bleed: Do your designs extend to the edge of the sheet? If they do, your designs need to follow two simple requirements for full bleed printing. Many of our first-time customers unknowingly submit files that are put on hold because the file is not designed properly. To learn more, click here.
  3. Our service representatives are here to help. Call us at 1-877-649-5463, or email us. Also, check out the file/design checklist, and the article about the production schedule after your order is submitted.