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Poster Printing Products

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Putting up posters—at local community centers, performance venues, or around the office—is a very effective way of getting your message out to passerby’s. Posters are definitely another item in your arsenal of printed communication and marketing tools!

Another excellent use of posters is to sell them as products to sell—sheet by sheet! Many of our graphic design and comic artist customers will often order small batches of posters printed to sell online and at trade shows. The artists save money by printing at MGX Copy, and they’re able to open up new product lines by making money for their fantastic art!

Choose a product to get pricing:

  • Mini Poster Printing Online

    Mini Poster Printing Online

    Mini posters are popular collection of smaller sizes (11x17" to 14"x22") that cost much less to produce, which means that you can print much more.

  • Poster Printing Online

    Poster Printing Online

    These are the large-sized posters used for movies, trade shows, and decorations. The size of these posters definitely make a bigger impact on their passerby’s.

  • Vinyl Banners Printing Online

    Vinyl Banners Printing Online

    Banners are a great tool for promoting your brand, whether its driving people to your store or getting the word out about your business.

About: Poster Printing Products

What is the significance of the division between mini posters and poster printing? The obvious difference between mini posters and posters are that they are two different groupings of sizes. These two groupings of poster printing are each produced on very different kinds of printing equipment. This means that there are different costs associated with each.

Mini posters can be printed on the same kinds of digital printing presses and papers that your document and booklet prints are printed off of. Posters, on the other hand, are printed using wide-format paper and printing technology.

What are the ranges in size for the two main groupings of posters? Mini posters range in size from 11x17" to 14x22" dimensions. On the other hand, posters range from 18x24" to 26x39" in dimension.

What are some popular uses for mini posters? Mini posters are used frequently when posting events at community or performance venues. They’re also used very frequently by artists as posters for sale at art events. Mini posters can be printed cost-effectively at any quantity—starting at a quantity of 1.

What are some popular uses for posters? Posters are most obviously used as movie and concert posters. They’re also very popular in trade shows and academic presentations.