4 Quick ways to increase conversion rate for your site

increase-conversion-rateAre you sure your website is converting as many potential customers as you’d like?

Ever feel like you want to convert even more of those visitors?

Of course. We all want our conversion rate to be as high as possible.Your

Your conversion rate is defined as: Your total conversions is the number of people who did whatever it is defined as converting (email newsletter, made a purchase, and so on). To get your Conversion Rate, you divide the above total number of conversions by the number of visitors to your site.

Today, I want to give you four simple things you can do right now to your website that will help you convert more visitors.

Here are four ways you can increase the conversion rate.

Number One: Have a clear Call To Action (CTA)

One thing that I think a lot of companies lack is a clear call to action on their blogs and landing pages.

A CTA tells your reader or target or potential customer what to do next. Here’s an example:


See the button at the bottom that says “Shop Now”? It’s perfectly clear what they want me to do here.

It’s frequently abbreviated as CTA, and it’s one of the most fundamentally important aspects of any marketing material – whether it’s a postcard, a blog post, a landing page, etc.

If you sent out a postcard advertising your mega blowout clothing sales, but didn’t provide a CTA, people would have no idea what to do next. Are they supposed to visit your store? Call? Send an email? This is why you need a good CTA.

Your CTA doesn’t need to be complicated, either. Hubspot curated a list of some simple and effective examples of CTA’s that can help you get started creating some of your own.

Number Two: Great product photos

Having great photos of your products should be a no-brainer. But I see it time and time again.

I’ll break it down real simple for you: If you don’t have good pictures of the product(s) you’re selling, it comes off as not having confidence in those products.

Take a look at this photo from Fante’s:


Would you feel comfortable buying that product? I wouldn’t.

A product photo is the most important aspect of advertising a physical product. Without it, you could have the greatest copy ever written and it won’t matter.

Here are a list of some great places to help you understand how to make truly great product photos:

You don’t have to be the next Ansel Adams to make your products look great. But you do have to have the desire to take the best possible photos you can.

Number Three: Instant Quoter


An Instant Quoter is a great way to get more conversions out of your visitors because it removes a barrier from purchase.

Instead of asking your potential customer to “call for a quote” or “send an email” in order to get a price for your products, an Instant Quoter allows people to see exactly how much an item costs, limiting their not making a purchase with you immediately.

This is one of the key reasons why Amazon does so well in ecommerce. They’ve made it ridiculously easy for people to find products on their site and not have to do any work to figure out how much it will cost them. There aren’t any hidden fees or costs that could prevent someone from wanting to make a purchase right there and then.

If you have the ability to put an Instant Quoter on your site, by all means, you should do it.

Make it easy for people to order from you, don’t set up roadblocks to them making a purchase.

Number Four: Mobile-Friendly Design


On April 21, 2015, Google implemented a new update to their algorithm designed to help sites that are “mobile-friendly” rank better in the mobile search results.

You’ve probably heard for a while now that “mobile search is the future.” And it’s true.

Just recently, Google announced that there are now more searches on mobile than on desktop.

What this means for your website is that you now have another opportunity to make a great experience for your potential customer.

We’ve all looked for products online with our smartphones, and we’ve all probably left a site that didn’t have a mobile-friendly design.

A mobile-friendly design allows you to keep your site visitors in your sales funnel, and the longer they stay inside your funnel, the more likely you are to convert them into a sale, a download, a newsletter signup, or whatever else you want them to do.

Use all four of these methods to increase your conversion rate

So if you’re wondering why your conversion rate isn’t as high as you think it should be, take a look at these four ideas, and see if any of them can help you improve your site.

You’ll never be able to get your conversion rate to 100% because that’s just the nature of online shopping (but if somehow you do by all means let me know!). But with these four methods you can certainly help to increase the amount of money your site brings in.

What are some of your methods for increasing conversion rate? Let us know in the comments section below!

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