We have a special announcement – Starting April 1st, 2019, we will now be known as Printivity!

This is just a rebrand and not a change in ownership. We recommend using Printivity.com for an improved shopping experience, but both MGXCopy.com and Printivity.com will continue to be operational. This also means that your login/password, order history, and order files are available for use on both websites.

Thank you, and we're looking forward to serving you as Printivity! Take me to Printivity.com >

Policy FAQ

Security Policy — How does MGX Copy secure my data from hackers and malicious software?

We think that it is important that you feel secure when you shop online, so we take every precaution to secure the connection between your computer and ours. Here are a few of the security measures we have in place to ensure that your data is safe:

- We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt your information to ensure secure communiations. This means that if a malicious middleman were to intercept the data going between you and MGXCopy.com, the message would be useless and garbled. When you see "https" in your address bar, you know that we are using SSL technology.

- We do not store you credit card information. The information is directly transfered through a secure protocol (https) to our credit card processor, so there is no record of it anywhere in our systems.

- Every time you submit information to us in the form of an upload, an input box or a dropdown menu, you are also sending with you a constantly changing private passphrase that we know that only you have. This prevents a third party to pretend to be you when interacting with our services.

- Your password is encrypted before entering our system. This means that your password is securely stored, and would again be useless to anyone who came upon it.

- We validate your address and your security code on your credit card as additional precautions during the billing process.