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Design FAQ

Why do my prints come out on a slightly shade of color than what I see on my monitor?

There are two major reasons why there can be slightly different shades of color, one has to do with the CMYK and RGB color space, and one has to do with monitor settings. To read about the CMYK and RGB color space, please click here to read more.

Monitors can be produced by different manufacturers, have different settings, as well as have different renderings of certain colors. In addition, people have different settings on their monitors-some may have brighter colors, some may have more contrast. Monitors that are viewed in a darker room will also represent color differently from monitors that are viewed in a brighter room. Lastly, it is important to note that monitors emit bright colors in the form of light. Printing requires that light be reflected off the paper to create the colors that you see.

These factors make it difficult for our customers who may not have perfectly calibrated computer monitors to know exactly how the colors of their prints will turn out. We do the best we can by calibrating our production systems to accurately represent color prior to printing.