We have a special announcement – Starting April 1st, 2019, we will now be known as Printivity!

This is just a rebrand and not a change in ownership. We recommend using Printivity.com for an improved shopping experience, but both MGXCopy.com and Printivity.com will continue to be operational. This also means that your login/password, order history, and order files are available for use on both websites.

Thank you, and we're looking forward to serving you as Printivity! Take me to Printivity.com >

The MGX Copy Management Team

The team behind your online printing & marketing experience

The MGX Copy Management Team
Letter From the CEO

At MGX, there’s a lot of hope and confidence for the future. That’s because every day, we are helping companies across America create, produce, and deliver solutions that change our country’s landscape.

It starts with our unique culture- we call it the MGX Way. The MGX Way defines us – it inspires our people to help others and improve ourselves every day. It’s a culture that aspires for greatness as a team, not as individuals. It’s also a culture that cares about every single one of us - whether you’re a customer or a coworker.

Business and communications now moves faster than we could have ever imagined. To help our clients meet these new challenges, we’ve made significant long-term investments in our people and in our infrastructure. As a result, not only do we now offer some of the fastest turnaround times in the country, but we do so while continuing to serve our customers with our legendary “Client Advantage” 100% satisfaction guaranteed program.

Companies of all sizes have learned that to survive and thrive in today’s economy, they’ve needed to reach their customers in ways they’ve never done before. Here at MGX, we saw that challenge as an opportunity for us to deliver new and original solutions that would transform marketing as we knew it. Since marketing is ultimately about returns, we’ve developed MGX Connect so that our clients could better “get their message out” through combinations of print, email and even web based solutions.

As great as all our recent innovations have been, in the end, whether or not MGX will be able to build a lasting relationship with your company will depend on one question – “Have we delivered on our promises to you?” On behalf of MGX, we are all proud to say that ever since the founding days of our company, the commitment to answer “YES!” to that question has never wavered. That's the MGX Way.


Lawrence Chou's Signature - Founder & CEO

Lawrence Chou
Founder & CEO

My team and I make sure that fantastic customer service is an important and constant part of the MGX Copy experience.

We’re not satisfied with "standard" customer service. The "standard" customer service mindset is designed to make things easier for the companies. Have you ever been frustrated at a customer service representative on the other end of the phone call wouldn’t go the extra mile to help connect you with the right answer? We’re not OK with that attitude in our team.

One of the key ingredients to our customer service is this: every customer service representative at MGX Copy is hired and trained to have a strong individual sense of quality, friendliness, and common sense. These are all very important traits to consistently getting customers what they need.

Because all of our customer service representatives have these traits, you can trust that the MGX Copy service representative at the other line personally cares that you get what you want. It is personally important to him/her to connect you with the right answer and the right service.

When you call into our customer service center, I want you to imagine the service representative as your champion. He/she is responsible for navigating the world of printing and MGX Copy's system to provide the best advice for your project and your organization.

Thank you for considering MGX Copy for your print job!


Jr Villaruz's Signature - Head of Customer Service

JR Villaruz
Chief Service Officer

My name is Ian, and I have been with MGX Copy since the very beginning. I’d like to thank you personally for giving us the opportunity to serve you with our craftsmanship. We started from humble beginnings, but the values that guided us back then are still with us today in our modern, high capacity production facility.

We always take great interest and personal pride in the quality of our product, and will always be willing to do what it takes to make people enthusiastically happy with their printing. We follow our work personally from start to finish, because we all care deeply about good results. We work efficiently so that we can deliver on every customer’s deadline, because we know that timing always matters.

When you partner with MGX Copy, it is a beneficial relationship that can last for years. We have so many long-term clients because we treat each person to a great experience every time, and we help them as their needs grow – sometimes faster than both of us had expected!

We offer so many great products and services (with more added all the time!) that you will be able to rely on the same team to help you accomplish many different goals. There have been many amazing advances in printing technology, and we’re excited to provide the best of them to you, along with friendly advice should you need any guidance.

Whether it’s a fun personal project for a loved one or a few thousand complete marketing material packages for an industry trade show, it’d be a pleasure for you to let my talented team impress you with their skills!


Ian Dunn's Signature - Director of Production

Ian Dunn
Director of Production

The key objective of our software/web team is to build the most USEFUL products for our customers.

What do I mean by “useful”? Well, think about your daily life. If you’re like most Americans, technology is everywhere in your daily life. You use it communicate with friends & family, to get work done, to schedule your life, for entertainment, to order from businesses, etc.

Some of these technological tools that you interact with daily “don’t work quite right”. Sometimes they don’t quite do everything you want them to. Other times, they make simple tasks difficult or slow to do. I’ve also seen many cases where customers use a tool, and they can’t figure out whether the tool is behaving correctly – the tool is communicating well enough.

There are many reasons why technology is difficult to use. The most important is that businesses need to understand that every user uses these tools differently – every tool has a different “fit” for each person.

The software developers at MGX Copy are constantly thinking about how our customers are using our tools, checking in with our customers to see how these tools are serving them, and how we can improve the overall experience.

We’re constantly brainstorming new ways to provide MGX Copy’s services to fit your organization better. After all – if we’re able to provide new, useful tools to help your business grow, you’ll order more prints from us! MGX Copy grows as you grow.

It's worth repeating: MGX Copy’s software/web team is not satisfied with simply providing products that work – we put a lot of attention and thought into providing USEFUL products for all of our customers.


Andrew Shu's Signature - CTO

Andrew Shu
Chief Technology Officer