We have a special announcement – Starting April 1st, 2019, we will now be known as Printivity!

This is just a rebrand and not a change in ownership. We recommend using Printivity.com for an improved shopping experience, but both MGXCopy.com and Printivity.com will continue to be operational. This also means that your login/password, order history, and order files are available for use on both websites.

Thank you, and we're looking forward to serving you as Printivity! Take me to Printivity.com >

Corporate Responsibility

As we grow as a company, our impact and footprint on society grows as well. It has become more and more important for us to be responsible as a company, which means giving back and living by our core values.

Environmental Sustainability

MGX Copy is committed to solutions that promote environmental sustainability measures.

Most notably, MGX Copy is part of a new, innovative carbon neutral shipping program from UPS. MGX Copy purchases carbon credits through UPS to offset the emissions produced by the transportation of printing shipments.

MGX Copy is partners with a recycling service provider so that our waste paper can be recycled in order to minimize our impact on the environment. We are pleased to note that we do not generate any revenue from our paper recycling program.

The paper that we purchase and print on comes mainly from environmentally friendly paper mills. There are various types of environmentally friendly paper mills, but we have sourced from wind powered mills, as well as mills that plant trees sustainably.

Part of our environmental sustainability program is to minimize our energy consumption. When not in use, our production machines, lights, and computers are powered off to conserve energy.

And of course, we offer and do sell recycled paper upon request.

Community Involvement

MGX Copy is active in the local community, supporting businesses, organizations, and schools alike. In the past, MGX Copy has donated time and money, as well as printing for charitable and nonprofit organizations.

Recently, MGX Copy provided free printing for the local, non-profit school Valley Elementary in San Diego. Valley Elementary is unique in that they are supported by parents and community members who “together raise money to enrich the educational experience.”

MGX Copy also supports Seeds Education, which is a non-profit organization whose mission is to “teach people with developmental disabilities to build meaningful relationships by relating effectively with others in their community.”

Corporate Values

MGX Copy is committed to ethical standards and responsible business practices.

We believe that each customer or client should be treated the same way we ourselves would like to be treated, that is, with respect. We in no way discriminate toward anyway based on race, religion, or creed.

In our view, the customer is always right. This is partly the reason why we instituted our Client Advantage program-we wanted a way to help our customers as much as possible, yet allow them easy and fair recourse if our work was not performed up to their standards.

MGX Copy always gives its best effort in producing the best quality products for its customers. We look to create win-win partnerships as we firmly believe if our products make our customers successful, our customers will make us successful.

Lastly, MGX Copy supports and promotes a productive, but fun and friendly atmosphere. Team members are always encouraged to voice their opinions and think outside the box. Creativity is rewarded, and hard-work and dedication is never taken for granted.