MGX Copy will be closed on Friday, December 15th for a company event and will unavailable to answer calls. In-store pickups on Thursday must be picked up by 5pm. If you have an urgent need, please contact our customer service department as soon as possible at 1-877-649-5463.
Due to the possibility of shipping delays by UPS and FedEx during the busy holiday season, MGX Copy recommends selecting earlier delivery dates for time sensitive orders. If you have any questions regarding delivery dates, please contact customer service.
Client Advantage Center
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The Client's Advantage

It's Our Way of Saying "Customers First"

MGX Copy "Client Advantage" embodies our philosophy and promise to you: we will provide the absolute, no-exception, best experience that we can possibly offer.

What I'm talking about is a uniquely MGX Copy way of providing service to you. I have always appreciated good service whenever I order with other companies -- both personally and professionally. I want to bring that same class of high-quality to service to all of MGX Copy's customers.

"Client Advantage" means that every department in our company is constantly challenged to rethink the traditional way of doing things — and it all advantages you.

This idea motivates the company to offer the lowest prices to our customers. It inspires our customer service department to have a "zero-hassle" satisfaction guarantee - every bit of dissatisfaction is taken seriously and without question.

It’s my hope that if we can deliver on these promises, ordering with MGX Copy will always be a happy and pleasant experience for you!

Thank you,
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Lawrence Chou
President and CEO
MGX Copy

MGX Copy's Client Advantage Program