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A Quality Experience

A Quality Experience

Free File Checks - Even Before You Order!

Every file that comes in goes through a complimentary “obvious error” check process. What we do is give everything a quick overlook to make sure that there aren’t glaring errors, although we aren’t able to make promises due to spelling, formatting issues, etc. However, this “once-over” usually can catch files that are not print-ready. Essentially, we’re here to save you from printing a lot of low quality files. We’re not here to point blame, but rather trying to catch problems before they arise. If you have files that aren’t print-ready, we’ll call you and let you know how you can fix it.

Quality Machinery & Quality Materials

Our printing is done on either digital color presses or offset presses. We quite simply just refuse to use “compatible” or “generic” ink or toner. All of our presses are on service contracts to maintain excellent color reproduction. Also, we don’t support the use of “color copiers” to run your order for quality reasons.

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