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About MGX Copy

MGX Copy is a San Diego print company, providing online printing for commercial and everyday needs.

Get major savings when you switch from your local printing options. You can order conveniently online and get great rates, or speak to an account representative on complex projects.

Our products include color copies, booklet printing, catalog printing, magazine printing, bound documents, print marketing, marketing collateral, fulfillment, and custom business solutions.

About The Blog

What value does print have in today's evolving world of communication?

When print was the only media, everyone knew how to leverage it to their advantage. Today, print is part of a complex ecosystem. The strategies have changed, and there are fewer knowledgeable people.

MGX Copy's blog will acquaint you with the topic of print. The blog will be instructional on printing and design, provide informed discussions on current events, and make recommendations on using paper communications to greatly benefit your business.

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